The Friends of St. Catherine's Church

The ‘Friends of St. Catherine’s Gosfield’ is an organization formed to raise and manage funds for the maintenance and improvement of the church building and contents. The ‘Friends’ are a registered Charity so that full advantage may be gained from all available tax concessions and the affairs of the fund Management may be properly overseen.

Whilst St. Catherine’s is of course, the Centre of worship in the village, it is also much more. St. Catherine’s Church itself, is a focal point for much of the village life and activities.

St. Catherine’s is a very beautiful and historic part of the heritage of England, and this treasure is entrusted to the village of Gosfield to maintain, preserve and improve for everyone to enjoy and to be passed on for the pleasure and use of future generations.

The history of St. Catherine’s goes back a very long way, did you know that there was a church building recorded on this site as long ago as 1100. The earliest parts of the present church date from 1440 whilst major parts were added during the 16th and 18th century. Indeed improvements to the church fabric are always taking place: have you seen the beautiful example of craftsmanship of the present day in the beautiful stained glass window in the Wentworth chapel? This was bequeathed to the church as recently as 1980! More recently the bell tower has undergone refurbishment with the aid of Bob Walters, the organist. And the surrounding wall is about to be rebuilt after two car accidents knocked part of it down. 

The sole purpose of ‘The Friends’ is to establish and manage a fund of money so that there is a ‘nest-egg’ available when it is required to assist in funding the large costs that can be incurred when major, or indeed, minor problems are found requiring maintenance or restoration. 

We cannot assume that St. Catherine’s should, or would be maintained by the Diocese. The upkeep of the fabric and contents of St. Catherine’s is the responsibility of the Village and we must take that responsibility very seriously.

By joining the Friends’ for the very modest annual subscription £10 per person or £20 per family, and supporting the valuable work carried out you can help to protect our heritage.

For further information on how to support and join ‘The Friends’ or any other suggestions/comments, please contact Glen Brown on 01787 476616, or David Degnan on 01787 472291.

Bank standing order forms can be obtained from David (treasurer) on the above telephone number, or pay your yearly subscription in cash/cheque.


A lasting gift to your Church 


Once you have made provision for your loved ones, you have the opportunity to make a lasting gift to God, by leaving a legacy to His church. A gift in your Will to your local church is one of the most valuable and lasting ways you can continue to support its mission and ministry within your community.

A gift can be an expression of your gratitude and thanksgiving towards God, and can help keep your local church alive, and help transform its future.



Gosfield Church- Church Road, Gosfield C09 1UD


Making a Difference


For many churches, regular giving is absorbed in ‘keeping the show on the road’. This usually involves everyday activities such as paying the parish share, insuring and heating the building, repairing the roof etc.

A gift from your estate is different. Many churches have a legacy policy stating that they will not use legacy gifts for everyday expenditure; the PCC will spend your gift on a special project to make a difference.

For example, a gift in your Will could support your church’s ministry to young people, refurbish the kitchen, support an overseas mission partner, help to reorder the church, preserve their historic church bells or equip the church with new Bibles.

No matter how large or small, each gift can make a significant impact on our mission and ministry, and maintaining our spiritual heritage.

Please consider how a gift in your Will could help the Church meet the needs of future generations. 

Naturally you can always ask the Reverend Rose Braisby on 01245 361927, or at

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